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Juventas (formerly known as Youth Cultural Centre) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in January, 1996 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Its mission is to improve social cohesion through provision of innovative and strengthening of existing services for the ones in risk of social exclusion and socially excluded, together with strengthening their capacities for active participation in the process of advocacy and public policy development aiming to improve quality of their life.

Juventas’ activities encompass: direct assistance and service provision, policy advocacy, raising capacities of decision-makers and professionals in many fields, designing and implementing researchers related to the quality of life of its target populations. Its main target groups are: young people in general, LGBT, prisoners, people who use drugs, sex workers, Roma and woman in general. Juventas has achieved significant results in the area of socio-economical and human rights, social inclusion and quality of services.

For more information visit www.juventas.co.me